Why UX Design should matter

Our world has swiftly changed dramatically considering the way we communicate nowadays.

We moved from paper to digital and from harddisk to the cloud. But there was an especially clear shift in the demands and experiences of the end user. First from offer to customer demand, then from customer demand to customer service. And now yet another phase has been presenting itself at our workspaces. At home we are used to simple intuitive interfaces like Facebook and we want to be able to use the same sort of simplicity at our work environment. UX Design has played a major role in this. As a developer of applications for the government and trade and industry, we are partly responsible to participate in creating this new customer service. A developer is no UX designer but is still supposed to be committed to the complete process. From scratch to a finished product, with an overall experience of satisfaction. This commitment will create a lot of advantages for you as a developer.

• Become a better developer

• Become an evolving developer

• Get more client satisfaction

• Get more customer satisfaction

Download the poster with 8 very usable Smart-tips from Dash!



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